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“If God Wearied of Mankind…”

“If God Wearied of Mankind…”

From Churchill’s last major speech in the House of Com­mons comes a quo­ta­tion devoid of his usu­al optimism.

For some rea­son I can’t pos­si­bly imag­ine, this has come up late­ly with regard for the cur­rent affairs of the world:

Which way shall we turn to save our lives and the future of the world? It does not mat­ter so much to old peo­ple; they are going soon any­way; but I find it poignant to look at youth in all its activ­i­ty and ardour and, most of all, to watch lit­tle chil­dren play­ing their mer­ry games, and won­der what would lie before them if God wea­ried of mankind.…

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