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The Problem with Speech Recordings

The Problem with Speech Recordings

I’m cur­rent­ly analysing a few of Churchill’s speeces for an aca­d­e­m­ic paper. After lis­ten­ing to the audio files and read­ing along I found a lot of para­graphs which were left out in the radio speech­es. It’s espe­cial­ly evi­dent in “Their Finest Hour” from June 18th, 1940 where only a fifth of the text made it to the radio. At one point it sounds like the audio file has been edit­ed. Were the audio files full radio speech­es or just excerpts? —N.K., Copenhagen

What you are lis­ten­ing to is like­ly a post­war record­ing of speech­es Churchill made for HMV/Decca, which were edit­ed and trun­cat­ed in lat­er ver­sions.…

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