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Galloper Jack Seely, Churchillian

Galloper Jack Seely, Churchillian

A col­league asks if it’s true that Churchill com­rade Jack Seely was “arrest­ed for arro­gance” in the Boer War! It doesn’t sound to either of us like an arrestable offense, but fits the character—a lord­ly aris­to­crat-adven­tur­er, and thus almost inevitable Friend of Winston.

A Churchill biog­ra­ph­er, Esme Wing­field-Strat­ford, agreed: “Gal­lant Jack Seely, from the Isle of Wight…a light-heart­ed gam­bler with death, was about the one man who could claim a record to com­pare with that of Win­ston himself.”

C.N True­man thinks that Jack Seely could not have lived in the 21st cen­tu­ry. “He tru­ly belonged to an era asso­ci­at­ed with the British Empire and the atti­tudes embed­ded into a soci­ety that at one point had a gov­ern­ment that con­trolled a quar­ter of the world.”…

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