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When Churchill Read Mein Kampf

When Churchill Read Mein Kampf

When did Churchill read Mein Kampf?  The ques­tion came up in a Finest Hour quiz and the answer was: “In trans­lat­ed excerpts, and then in its entire­ty when E.J. Dugdale’s trans­la­tion into Eng­lish was pub­lished in 1933.”

Gor­don Craig’s “Churchill and Ger­many” in Robert Blake and Wm. Roger Louis, eds., Churchill: A Major New Assess­ment of His Life in Peace and War, states: “Churchill seems at one time to have read an ear­ly trans­la­tion of Mein Kampf; but he cer­tain­ly did not have more than a news­pa­per reader’s knowl­edge of the nature of Hitler’s par­ty or its cur­rent views on for­eign policy.…

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