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Churchill’s Escape from the Boers, 1899

Churchill’s Escape from the Boers, 1899

Please can you com­ment on, the “Dutch­man, Bur­gen­er by name,” men­tioned by Churchill in his account of his escape from the Boers in his auto­bi­og­ra­phy, My Ear­ly Life? Is he one and the same per­son as the Charles Burn­ham men­tioned by Sir Mar­tin Gilbert in Churchill: A Life? Per­haps the sur­name was changed to pro­tect Mr Burnham`s posi­tion in South Africa, even though three decades had elapsed by the pub­li­ca­tion of My Ear­ly Life? It seems cer­tain that Churchill knew of Charles Burn­ham and the role that he had played: the lat­ter had writ­ten to him in 1908 (Vol.

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