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Printed Signatures and “Painting as a Pastime”

Printed Signatures and “Painting as a Pastime”

I recent­ly acquired Paint­ing as a Pas­time, reprint­ed 1965.  Across  from the title page is the mem­o­rable pho­to of Mr. Churchill at an easel.   Under this pho­to is his sig­na­ture.  The sig­na­ture seems authen­tic,  how­ev­er I am not an expert and am unsure.  For this edi­tion, is there a  sig­na­ture that has been print­ed under the pho­to?  —W.R.

Yes; it’s a print­ed sig­na­ture, present in every copy of the book. When Churchill actu­al­ly signed copies, it would usu­al­ly be on the first free end­pa­per, or occa­sion­al­ly on the title page. 

Paint­ing as a Pas­time, Churchill’s charm­ing essay on his chief hob­by (and oth­er hobbies—he is also big on books) was first pub­lished in The Strand mag­a­zine in 1921, reprint­ed in Thoughts and Adven­tures, and final­ly pub­lished as a vol­ume in its own right in 1948.…

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