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“The most important thing about education is appetite”

“The most important thing about education is appetite”

I am asked if Churchill ever said “the most impor­tant thing about edu­ca­tion is appetite.” He did, but it isn’t easy to find. I checked his Com­plete Speech­es under “edu­ca­tion” and came up with an extract from a 1929 speech at Bris­tol Uni­ver­si­ty, where he was Chancellor:

“I nev­er myself had the advan­tage of a uni­ver­si­ty edu­ca­tion. I was not thought clever enough to prof­it by it to the full. I was put to be trained in tech­ni­cal mat­ters of a mil­i­tary col­lege, and almost imme­di­ate­ly after­wards things opened out very quick­ly into action and adven­ture. In those days Eng­land had a lot of jol­ly lit­tle wars against bar­barous peo­ples that we were endeav­our­ing to help for­ward to high­er things, and I found myself scur­ry­ing about the world from one excit­ing scene to anoth­er.…

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