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“Correrai Ancor Piu Veloce…” Beverly Rae Kimes 1941-2008

“Correrai Ancor Piu Veloce…” Beverly Rae Kimes 1941-2008

A remem­brance of Bev­er­ly Kimes first writ­ten for The Packard Club and the Soci­ety of Auto­mo­tive His­to­ri­ans, May 2008; addi­tion­al mate­r­i­al has been added. 

Noth­ing any­one can say will ease the pain of a friend’s loss, but here is one inad­e­quate try: When The Packard Club cir­cu­lat­ed the loss of Bev­er­ly Kimes, it struck me that every­one who received the same mes­sage would in turn cir­cu­late it to a group of peo­ple, more or less orga­nized by make or era of car.

To each of us, each in our own way, she was an inspi­ra­tion.…

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