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Benjamin Netanyahu on #Churchill

Benjamin Netanyahu on #Churchill

Prime Min­is­ter Netanyahu pays Sir Win­ston Churchill a com­pli­ment (and this writer a small­er one), in his thanks for a gift of an inscribed copy of my book, Churchill In His Own Words, a col­lec­tion of 4000 anno­tat­ed quo­ta­tions (which Churchill real­ly said), along with a short appen­dix of the pop­u­lar apho­risms he nev­er said but which are fre­quent­ly cred­it­ed to him (Churchillian Drift).

The Prime Min­is­ter is not new to Churchill; he is one of those few states­men who pay more than rou­tine lip-ser­vice to Churchill’s role in his­to­ry. Unlike most lead­ers who invoke his name, Mr.…

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