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Ty Cobb: Inconvenient Truths

Ty Cobb: Inconvenient Truths

Cobb as Mon­ster: “Give peo­ple some­thing they want to believe and they will take it and run with it and make it their own. After all, who doesn’t like a mon­ster story—especially one that allows the teller to express his own superiority—to say, ‘I’m not a slave to feel­ings of racism and anger like this pathet­ic man was; I look down upon that kind of behav­ior.’ A scary sto­ry that is also a feel-good sto­ry is hard to beat.”

Charles Leerhsen has done a rare thing: bucked pop­u­lar cant and human nature to deliv­er a breath­tak­ing reap­praisal of the great­est base­ball play­er of all time.…

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