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Cars & Churchill: Blood, Sweat & Gears (1) Mors the Pity

Cars & Churchill: Blood, Sweat & Gears (1) Mors the Pity

Hav­ing writ­ten about cars and Win­ston Churchill for fifty years, I final­ly pro­duced a piece on them both. From exot­i­ca like Mors, Napi­er and Rolls-Royce to more pro­sa­ic makes like Austin, Hum­ber and Wolse­ley, the sto­ry was three decades in com­ing. But I am sat­is­fied that it is now com­plete.

Churchill at the wheel of his Wolse­ley 10, 1925; the bulb horn was used fre­quent­ly in assort­ed mad rush­es. (Author’s col­lec­tion)

Part 1:

Excerpt only. For foot­notes,  illus­tra­tions and a ros­ter of cars, see The Auto­mo­bile, August 2016. To order, click here.

Mors the Pity

Always fas­ci­nat­ed by new tech­nol­o­gy, Win­ston Churchill wel­comed the motor­car, buy­ing his first in 1901 at the age of twen­ty-six.…

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