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William F. Buckley, PMF*: A True Churchillian in the End

William F. Buckley, PMF*: A True Churchillian in the End

This essay on William F. Buck­ley Jr. was pub­lished short­ly after his death. In the 2020 con­tro­ver­sy over giv­ing polit­i­cal par­ti­sans the Pres­i­den­tial Medal of Free­dom (*PMF), I update and reprint it with an addendum. 

Read­er ques­tion: “In Right Time, Right Place, his book about his life work­ing with Wil­i­iam F. Buck­ley, Jr. at Nation­al Review, Richard Brookhis­er aserts that WFB dis­liked Sir Win­ston. I queried Brookhis­er who replied: “WFB’s obit­u­ary for Churchill in NR was notably grudg­ing, and reflect­ed I think his youth­ful Amer­i­ca First con­vic­tions.” As these two men are my only heroes, I was dis­ap­point­ed to see such an asser­tion from some­one who appar­ent­ly knew Buck­ley very well.…

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