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Mussolini’s Consolation (Churchill Quotes)

Mussolini’s Consolation (Churchill Quotes)

Mus­soli­ni and Ciano (last two uni­forms at right) with Cham­ber­lain, Dal­adier and HItler at the 1938 Munich Con­fer­ence. (Wiki­me­dia Com­mons)

Is Wikipedia right that Churchill admired Ital­ian dic­ta­tor Ben­i­to Mus­soli­ni for hav­ing the “good sense to shoot his son-in-law”?

It’s a great crack, but it is not ver­i­fied.

Churchill had called Mus­soli­ni every name in his book: ”whipped jackal”…”organ grinder’s monkey”…”absurd imposter.” In 1944, after Mus­soli­ni exe­cut­ed his son-in-law, for­mer Ital­ian for­eign min­is­ter Count Galeaz­zo Ciano, Churchill said in a broad­cast:

 …the suc­cess­ful cam­paign in Sici­ly brought about the fall of Mus­soli­ni and the heart­felt repu­di­a­tion by the Ital­ian peo­ple of the Fas­cist creed.…

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