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Syria: Stop the Churchill Comparisons!

Syria: Stop the Churchill Comparisons!

Mr. Brent Budows­ki adds to the long list of Churchill com­par­isons over the Syr­ia tragedy by com­par­ing Pres­i­dent Oba­ma to Sir Win­ston (The Hill, Sep­tem­ber 13th). Sen­a­tors Ted Cruz (R., Tex.), and Rand Paul (R., Ky.), and Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.) “lit­er­al­ly offer no pol­i­cy and no ideas about how to stop the slaugh­ter of inno­cent peo­ple with chem­i­cal weapons.”

Oba­ma by con­trast “has made the hard call and pro­posed the strong action that would take a real stand and make a real dif­fer­ence.” Just like Churchill in the 1930s, “when the Span­ish fas­cists with sup­port from Hitler and Mus­soli­ni began their attacks against the Repub­li­can gov­ern­ment of Spain.”…

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