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  1. I saw Sir Win­ston paint­ing in this gar­den when I was stay­ing at my Uncle’s house next door. Churchill was wear­ing a grey flop­py felt hat with no brim. I think the paint­ing was a coun­try scene, not sure. My uncle, Albert Hard­man, was mar­ried to Doret­ta Mor­row who starred in the show “Kismet.”
    Thanks. He had some illus­tri­ous neighbo(u)rs. Across the street at num­ber 18 lived Jacob Epstein, who sculpt­ed a famous bust of Sir Win­ston that trav­els back and forth between the White House and British Embassy. WSC was the more famous, and tourists who spot­ted Epstein put­ter­ing in his gar­den often asked about the Churchills, think­ing he was a gar­den­er.—RML

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