The dis­mem­ber­ment of Czecho­slo­va­kia, 1938-39. (1) Ger­many absorbs Sude­ten­land, Octo­ber 1938. (2) Poland annex­es Zaolzie, Octo­ber 1938. (3/4) Hun­gary annex­es South­ern Slo­va­kia and Carpathi­an Ruthe­nia, Novem­ber 1938. (5)
Ger­many invades remain­ing ter­ri­to­ry, estab­lish­es Pro­tec­torate of Bohemia and Moravia, March 1939. (6) A pro-Hitler gov­ern­ment declares the Slo­vak Repub­lic, March 1939. (Map by Jaro p., Cre­ative Commons)

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