Don Cline’s out­stand­ing col­lec­tion of Churchill press pho­tos was giv­en by Don and Lor­raine to the Hills­dale Col­lege Churchill Project, where they live on in Churchill’s mem­o­ry, and Don’s. This exam­ple was tak­en at Dover, 28 August 1940. “…we saw a smol­der­ing air­craft in a field, and Churchill asked the dri­ver to pull off the road and get as close to the wreck­age as he could….though I warned Mr Churchill about the dan­gers of being out in the open dur­ing an air raid, he said that he must have a look, and when he saw the tan­gled mess he said ‘Dear God, I hope it isn’t a British plane.’ He was reas­sured that it was not.” —Detec­tive Inspec­tor Wal­ter Thom­pa­son, in dark suit to WSC’s left.
(Pub­lic domain, Crown copy­right expired)

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