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Churchill and “Gone With The Wind”

Churchill and “Gone With The Wind”

I am a long­time Gone With The Wind col­lec­tor and researcher, and give pre­sen­ta­tions at GWTW events. I’ve also been the GWTW Answer Lady on sev­er­al web­sites. I was recent­ly asked whether Churchill and Roo­sevelt had read Gone With The Wind. I found that FDR read quite a bit of the nov­el, but I couldn’t come up with any­thing about Churchill. I hope you don’t mind me toss­ing you this ques­tion. Maybe you’ve run across a men­tion of it. I assume that Churchill did see the film as FDR did on 26 Decem­ber 1939, after the movie opened in Wash­ing­ton. GWTW…

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