“Enemies of Civilization”: Not Churchill’s

“Enemies of Civilization”: Not Churchill’s

In a 1920 arti­cle,  “Zion­ism ver­sus Bol­she­vism,” Churchill not­ed that many lead­ing Bol­she­viks were Jews. Colum­nist Roger Cohen is now read­ing this to mean that Churchill con­sid­ered Jews ene­mies of civilization.

Quot­ing Churchill out of con­text has become a hob­by among those deter­mined to find among his 20 mil­lion words exact­ly what they hope to find, instead of what he wrote or said. Roger Cohen is too respect­ed a writer to be among them.

In “Jews in a Whis­per” (New York Times Sun­day Review, 21 August 2011), Mr. Cohen argues  that “Jews, with their his­to­ry, can­not become the sys­tem­at­ic oppres­sors of anoth­er peo­ple.” Fair enough, but in recount­ing the his­tor­i­cal antipa­thy to Jews, why do we need to twist Churchill’s words to make the point?….

Win­ston Churchill, no less, argued in 1920 that Jews were part of a “world­wide con­spir­a­cy for the over­throw of civ­i­liza­tion and the recon­sti­tu­tion of soci­ety on the basis of arrest­ed development.”

“Zionism vs. Bolshevism”

This quo­ta­tion is based on Churchill’s arti­cle, “Zion­ism ver­sus Bol­she­vism,” in the 8 Feb­ru­ary 1920 Illus­trat­ed Sun­day Her­ald—which has been used by sev­er­al pre­vi­ous writ­ers as evi­dence that Churchill was an anti-semite.

Of the three chief Bol­she­vik lead­ers, only Trot­sky was a Jew.

Churchill’s arti­cle was an attack on Bol­she­vism (“a sin­is­ter con­fed­er­a­cy”), not Zion­ism, which Churchill sup­port­ed. Churchill mentioned—accurately—that many Bol­she­viks were Jews—and also gave a rea­son: They were, Churchill explained, peo­ple “reared up among the unhap­py pop­u­la­tions of coun­tries where Jews are per­se­cut­ed on account of their race….Trotsky (Rus­sia), Bela Kun (Hun­gary), Rosa Lux­em­burg (Ger­many ), and Emma Gold­man (Unit­ed States), this world-wide con­spir­a­cy for the over­throw of civ­i­liza­tion and for the recon­sti­tu­tion of soci­ety on the basis of arrest­ed devel­op­ment, of envi­ous malev­o­lence and impos­si­ble equal­i­ty, has been steady growing….with the excep­tion of Lenin, the major­i­ty of lead­ing fig­ures are Jews.”

To quote these lines out of con­text from the rest of the arti­cle is to mis­rep­re­sent Churchill, who added that fig­ures like Trot­sky com­prised only a small por­tion of Jews, who he calls “the most for­mi­da­ble and the most remark­able race which has ever appeared in the world.”

Pre­fig­ur­ing his lat­er indict­ment of Nazi Ger­many, Churchill wrote: “Noth­ing is more wrong than to deny an indi­vid­ual, on account of race or ori­gin, his right to be judged on his per­son­al mer­its and con­duct.” Near­ly half a cen­tu­ry lat­er, Mar­tin Luther King, Jr. would dream of the day when peo­ple were judged not by the col­or of their skin but by the con­tent of their character.

Jews in every coun­try, Churchill continued,

iden­ti­fy them­selves with that coun­try, enter into its nation­al life…a Jew liv­ing in Eng­land would say, “I am an Eng­lish­man prac­tis­ing the Jew­ish faith.” This is a wor­thy con­cep­tion, and use­ful in the high­est degree…and in our own Army Jew­ish sol­diers have played a most dis­tin­guished part, some ris­ing to the com­mand of armies, oth­ers win­ning the Vic­to­ria Cross for valour.

Par­tial quo­ta­tions tak­en out of con­text dis­tort what Churchill was say­ing. No one but the most ardent Churchillo­phobe can use his “Zion­ism ver­sus Bolehsvism” to accuse Churchill of anti-semit­ic­sm. Writ­ers need to go to the source, and get it right.

Enemies and Extremists

Mr. Cohen also adds a point giv­en him by a Lon­don professor:

A cen­tu­ry ago, dur­ing the Sid­ney Street siege of 1911, it was the Jews of London’s East End who, cast as Bol­she­viks, were said to be “alien extremists.’’

The Sid­ney Street siege was attend­ed and con­duct­ed in part by Churchill, who was then Home Sec­re­tary.  I don’t think it was ever empha­sized at the time that the Sid­ney Street extrem­ists were Jews. They were referred to as “anar­chists” and “Lat­vians,” though only one had a pos­si­ble Lat­vian name. They were from Rus­sia, of course. Whether or not they were Jews was not promi­nent­ly mentioned.


A com­plete tran­script of “Zion­ism ver­sus Bol­she­vism” is avail­able by email.

9 thoughts on ““Enemies of Civilization”: Not Churchill’s

  1. Churchill’s essay on the intel­lec­tu­al amd polit­i­cal cri­sis of mod­ern Jew­ry is becom­ing ever more rel­e­vant once again, as con­fu­sion and anti-Jew­ish ani­mus emerges on sev­er­al fronts through­out the West, where tol­er­a­tion and gen­tle­ness is a pil­lar of our civ­i­liza­tion (Locke, Mon­tesquieu, the Founders). Thank you for keep­ing this page active, and also for clar­i­fy­ing for read­ers Churchill’s sym­pa­thy with the nobil­i­ty and hero­ism of the Jew­ish peo­ple (as opposed to those strange apos­tate ide­o­log­i­cal mis­cre­ants from Trot­sky to Gold­man, and to Soros today.) May I just add that, to com­ple­ment Churchill’s essay, Leo Strauss’s pub­lic ora­tion on “Why we remain Jews” is anoth­er vital enlight­en­ing his­tor­i­cal doc­u­ment for under­stand­ing the cur­rent cri­sis, and for clar­i­fy­ing a chaos of confusion.

  2. The post focus­es on mis­rep­re­sent­ing Churchill with par­tial or out of con­text quotes, not whether Jews are “ene­mies of civ­i­liza­tion.” Open “ur” own eyes.

    Ger­many Must Per­ish (1941), writ­ten by a Jew­ish fanat­ic, was effec­tive­ly used by Goebbels as “proof” of Jewry’s per­fidy. Bol­she­vism from Moses to Lenin (1925) was writ­ten by “the spir­i­tu­al founder of the Nazi Par­ty,” whose influ­ence was such that Hitler ded­i­cat­ed Mein Kampf to his mem­o­ry. No, I think I will read some­thing else.

    Nine­teen twen­ty, when Churchill wrote “Zion­ism vs. Bol­she­vism,” was a long time from the days of usury, slave trade in Europe, and “hat­ing Chris­tians and Aryan whites,” if they ever did that sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly. As for “under­min­ing insti­tu­tions in Chris­t­ian lands,” which ones? Maybe “u” don’t know. [Note, 2020: Nev­er heard back from this dri­ve-by shoot­er. RML]

    Many Jews I know wish that the mis­in­formed, une­d­u­cat­ed, sim­ple-mind­ed big­ots were right, and that they tru­ly had the pow­er, wealth and con­trol ascribed to them. Then indeed they would be a force to reck­on with. Do with­out them and you do with­out many great things they have brought to civ­i­liza­tion, for which informed and enlight­ened peo­ple have reward­ed them with the likes of the Nobel Prize.

    The his­to­ry of every reli­gion has its rep­re­hen­si­ble chap­ters. What they are doing today is per­haps what mat­ters most.

  3. The rea­son why Jews were such an unhap­py peo­ple and mis­treat­ed was due to #1. Usury. #2. Slave trade in east­ern Europe, Rus­sia and the Balka­ns 3. Under­min­ing insti­tu­tions in Chris­t­ian lands.Jews were kicked out from Euro­pean coun­tries at least 100 times. Why is that? Jews hate Chris­tians. They hate Chris­tian­i­ty. And they real­ly hate Aryan whites. Maybe u don’t know this but they are the force behind ‘dewhit­ing’ Europe and the USA. Check out Ger­many Must Per­ish and Bol­she­vism from Moses to Lenin. Please open ur eyes.

  4. Dear oh dear. Where does one begin unrav­el­ing this far­ra­go of mis­con­cep­tion? 1) Re-read what I wrote. Churchill did not call all Jews Bol­she­viks, or all Bol­she­viks Jews, or all Jews the ene­mies of civ­i­liza­tion. Bol­she­vism, he wrote, was the ene­my of civ­i­liza­tion. 2) Of the three chief Bol­she­vik lead­ers, Lenin, Stal­in and Trot­sky, only one was a Jew. 3) Undoubt­ed­ly Hitler hoped the British would “under­stand his posi­tion,” and they tried their best to do so, until it was almost too late. 4) Hitler signed a non-aggres­sion pact with Rus­sia before he invad­ed Poland; the Sovi­ets took their share as a result. 5) Stal­in con­tin­ued to believe in his Ger­man friends right up to the day they invad­ed his coun­try. 6) Churchill nev­er said “Ger­many is grow­ing too strong, we must crush them!” Get it right. What he said was: “When we are asked whether we will grasp the prof­fered hand of Ger­man friend­ship, I think we should answer ‘Yes,’ but at the same time one wants to know what hap­pens after that.” (House of Com­mons, 21Dec37). And: “…the great Ger­man peo­ple, edu­cat­ed, sci­en­tif­ic, philo­soph­i­cal, roman­tic, the peo­ple of the Christ­mas tree, the peo­ple of Goethe and Schiller, or Bach and Beethoven, Heine, Leib­nitz, Kant…have not only not resent­ed this hor­ri­ble blood-bath, but have endorsed it and acclaimed its author with the hon­ors not only of a sov­er­eign but almost of a God.” (Strand Mag­a­zine, Novem­ber 1935, 7). In the inter­ests of a shaky alliance, FDR and Churchill did hide what they knew about Katyn from the media, “Zion­ist” and oth­er­wise. 8) If the “Jew­ish con­fed­er­a­cy” is to blame for the present eco­nom­ic chaos, they must have an odd­ly self-immo­lat­ing pro­gram, since they stand to be among the great­est suf­fer­ers. I don’t believe that, and I am not one of “them,” though stuff like this almost makes me wish I was.

  5. It is worth point­ing out that Hitler declared War against the Bol­she­viks.. He feared the Bol­she­vi­sa­tion of Europe which was spear­head­ed by Inter­na­tion­al Jew­ry (Rough­ly what Churchill was refer­ring to in 1920) Hitler hopes were that the British at least would under­stand his posi­tion but in 1938 Churchill said “Ger­many is grow­ing too strong, we must crush them!” Sad­ly Cham­ber­lain was deceived and Churchill was a pro Zion­ist which might go some way in explain­ing why Britain allied her­self with Rus­sia for it was com­mon knowl­edge that the only non Jew in the Krem­lin was Stal­in and the World Zion­ist Con­gress had many pow­er­ful mem­bers who also hap­pened to be close to the Roth­schild Bank­ing hous­es. Britain need­ed Mon­ey to fight a War and the Rothschild’s would’ve said NO if they did not ally them­selves with Rus­sia, Eng­land would’ve been cut off. The War lit­er­al­ly Bank­rupt­ed the UK and what hap­pened ? The War start­ed so we are told because Ger­many invad­ed Poland yet short­ly after Rus­sia also invad­ed Poland but that was OK . Cham­ber­lain didn’t say to Rus­sia “Hold on now, Pull back or we will declare War on you!” No Not a word and when the Jew­ish led NKVD start­ed round­ing up the Pol­ish offi­cers and intel­lec­tu­als and mur­dered them in Katyn For­est the Zion­ist con­trolled media blamed that atroc­i­ty on the Ger­mans and that charge stood for decades until the actu­al records were released after the fall of Communism.
    Look around you today and what do you see ? War and more War , Banks col­laps­ing, Aus­ter­i­ty and many more ills besides and it is the same Jew­ish con­fed­er­a­cy which Churchill warned us about cre­at­ing this chaos. If you don’t believe that then you are either une­d­u­cat­ed or one of them..

  6. Mr. Cohen did not put quotemarks around the “Win­ston Churchill, no less” line, so it is not clear whether the state­ment is his or Pro­fes­sor Malik’s. In either case it is untrue.

  7. i thought in that arti­cle by mr. cohen, he did point out that the ref­er­ence to the siege and churchill’s stand on jews were a par­al­lel giv­en by the pro­fes­sor of law at king’s college.

  8. Thank you for clear­ing that up. I was shocked after read­ing that New York Times arti­cle. I Googled the quote and came up with your page.
    I guess the New York Times doesn’t hire very good fact checkers.

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