Churchill, Smuts and Apartheid: Questions and Answers

I read your arti­cle about bust­ing four myths about Win­ston Churchill from The Fed­er­al­ist. Here is an arti­cle I’d like you to read and hear your feed­back: “Apartheid, made in Britain: Richard Dow­den explains how Churchill, Rhodes and Smuts caused black South Africans to lose their rights.” (The Inde­pen­dent, 19 April 1994.)  —David E., Ohio Accu­rate, But Not Dis­pos­i­tive Mr. Dowden’s arti­cle seems to me broad­ly accu­rate, but not dis­pos­i­tive. It is true that Britain dropped its oppo­si­tion to mak­ing South Africa a … Con­tin­ue read­ing Churchill, Smuts and Apartheid: Ques­tions and Answers