Churchill on the Debt Limit Crisis

Churchill on the Debt Limit Crisis

“I do not believe in look­ing about for some panacea or cure-all on which we should stake our cred­it and for­tunes, try­ing to sell it like a patent med­i­cine to all and sundry. It is easy to win applause by talk­ing in an airy way about great new depar­tures in pol­i­cy, espe­cial­ly if all detailed pro­pos­als are avoided.”

No, Sir Win­ston has not inter­rupt­ed his first mil­lion years paint­ing to com­ment on the recent­ly “resolved” debt debate, rais­ing the Unit­ed States Nation­al Debt by anoth­er piece of pocket-change—$2.4 tril­lion (a debate held not between bor­row­er and lender, like you and I would, but two sets of bor­row­ers, or rather spenders: the Democ­rats and Republicans—as Mark Steyn apt­ly put it.). The com­ment above is from 5 Octo­ber 1946.

I’m not going to sug­gest what Churchill would think of this—heaven forbid.

The above quo­ta­tion is offered with­out com­ment, and the words are all Churchill’s. Draw your own conclusions.

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